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Hello and welcome to Worlds Within Words, one of TWO online locations for information from, by and about the writings of T.C. Blue.

The works mentioned here are all-male (aka slash) romances with erotic content which is sometimes quite graphic. If you aren't old enough to be here, please leave.

Most of my current releases are available from Torquere Press and can be found HERE

My Total-E-Bound books can be found HERE!

This is now mostly a forum to vent about writing, real life, and random thoughts.

Run while you still can. *grins*

UPDATE: I now have a blog located HERE (courtesy of the wonderful and multi-talented megleigh) where all my books and such can be found. I expect to at some point publish with more than just the one publisher, so this would be the place to find everything in one spot.

I will of course post here about new releases and such, as well as the aforementioned vents, harangues and other babble. LOL

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