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Update-y update stuff!

Well, RL stuff first.

Mum's out of hospital and seems to be doing well though her cat (Miss Molly McButterball) has passed away due to natural but undetermined causes. Stroke, heart attack, anyeurism, whatever.

Regardless of what caused her passing, Mum's cat went quietly and peacefully, though Mum is beating herself up over it, even though the vet sent her two different cards saying there was nothing she could have done differently and that Molly was a hppy cat before her demise.

Mum's also been experiencing random bouts of dizziness that no one has been able to find a cause for. It's not her inner ear, it's not nutritional, it's not a million things. They're tweaking her medications right now to see whether that makes a difference. I hope it does because while I love my Mum, she's making me fucking insane with her constant demands that *I* figure out what's wrong with her.

I mean, HELLO! I'm a chef and a writer, not a fucking doctor!

As for writing stuff, that's a fair bit more interesting, to me at least. LOL Loads of things (or at least 'loads' to me) coming out this year!

from Torquere

The fourth book in my Fruit Basket series is slated for release on July 30. Titled 'Guava Red: Almost Paradise', it's the story of bastian and Chase who meet in Hawaii while quite young. They begin a casual relationship that ends badly, but years later, when they run into each other in Hartford, Connecticut, they realize they're not quite as over as they thought. (Previous characters from the Fruit Basket series make cameos in this slight departure from the known relationships offering).

The fifth in the Fruit Basket sries, Berry Blue, is almost finished. I figure another week should do it, so I'm stoked. Once it's done, I can start on the sixth book, which won't be the last. It also won't be the twinkies-three's story. That one will be the final story in the series and I don't feel like the series is done yet.

I'll let people know what the twinkies-three's story/color will be when I get there. :)

Coming in November, also from Torquere (as are the Fruit Basket stories) is a Christmas novel, currently titled 'Someone Special'. It's the story of an award-winning photographer. Gracen, who loves Christmas enough that he moonlights as a photographer-elf at a mall, where he becomes intrigued by and then involved with a part-time greeter-elf named Jesse.

Jesse has some problems and secrets of his own, though, and he doesn't make it easy for Gracen. Add in Jesse's sister, Gracen's best friend, a private investigator, and a huge family secret on Jesse's end, and things become... complicated. LOL

from Dreamspinner

Another November release, 'The Second Door', this one from Dreamspinner Press, tells the story of Mitch and his best friend Sam.

When Sam accidentally overhears his best friend's supposed boyfriend making demands that Mitch shoots down, Sam knows he needs to step in and comfort Mitch. Especially because Mitch's method of shooting those demands down is to break up with the bastard.

Over the next while, Sam and the accident-prone Mitch don't grow any closer because they're already as close as two guys can be in every way other than the physical. But when Mitch finally realizes that Sam's feelings for him go deeper than those of a best friend, he sets out to win his man. Accident prone or not, he succeeds. *grins*

from Total-E-Bound

No actual release date for this one, but the third book in the 'Farmingdale Gentleman's Club' series should be out at some point this year. Called 'A Game of Hearts', it's the story of Simon and Morgan (the two MCs for book 2, A Game of Skills) and River (a secondary charcter from book 2) as the three of them fight their attraction, give in to it, think they're having a fling, then discover it's much, much more.

As far as other random writing stuff goes, I'm working on a short story that I hope will be done in time to submit for Torquere's charity sip blitz this year. It's slow going because I'm not very good at writing short stuff. *blushes*

Working on a post-apocalyptic (sort of) thing that will likely be submitted to DSP, and an alternate universe fantasy-type thing that will also probably be subbed to DSP first. No clue when I'll finish either of those, though. (they've been sitting on my HD for more than a year, so... *shrugs*)

Figuring out what I'm going to write for the 4th FGC book, as well.

And that pretty much sums up my life for the last few months.

What's up with you guys?

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