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New news and stuff!
Okay, for those who've witnessed my incredibly cursed state with LJ over the last couple weeks, at least THAT much seems to have cleared up. LOL

Mum had a bit of a turn and has been in hospital for a week now, but she's very close to being well enough for them to release her. probably tomorrow, and that's a relief. *grins and tries to hide handkerchief damp with brow-sweat* I was more than a little concerned because her symptoms included LOW blood pressure, which is both odd and highly unusual. It's the first time I ever heard of anyone (other than my Mum) being hospitalized because their blood pressure was low, rather than high. And she was getting dizzy. And fell down again, so hard that she fractured three ribs!

In the midst of all this, I got the news that Dreamspinner Press in intersted in a story I sent them a month or so ago. Torquere is interested in a story I finished the night before last(and as TQ was my very first publisher, I'm thrilled that they still like me... and equally thrilled that Dreamspinner wants me!).

I'm about halfway through on rewrites on a book for my OTHER-other publisher, and now that the previously mentioned two stories are finished, I have time to devote to that.

Make no mistake, I do desperately want to finish the rewrites, but the other two stories are winter-centric, and I can only write 'winter' when it's at least still chilly out. Glad I finished the one for TQ, because it went from 45 degrees that day to 85 today. And it's supposed to be around 50 and rainy tomorrow. *rolls eyes at Nature*

Berry Blue is coming along well. I have a working title, at least, which will probably change, but since I can't write a story without a title and I'm managing to write this one, I think the non-color title might last. Not saying what it is yet because I could be wrong. *grins*

Berry Blue will be the fifth story in my Fruit Basket series, and I've come to realize that many people want to see the story of the twinkies-three. I'm not entirely sure that's going to happen, as I'm less than comfortable with writing threesomes (only did it twice before -- with Mel, Jacks and Parker in Matchmen, LTD, and Ash, Caspari and Victore in Trine. (Too many body parts to keep track of! LOL)

Now, I don't have a paid account, so I can't run a poll in the official sense, but I'm more than willing to consider what you guys have to say. So...

Should the final (sixth) story in the Fruit Basket be about a couple... or the twinkies-three (Pauly, Randy and James)?

I can't swear I'll follow the majority vote, as left in comments, but I'll consider any answers carefully. *grins*

*pauses and frowns, considering*

I guess that's it for now. Love and stuff. :P


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I can't believe you felt that there needed to be a vote on this one! Twinkies-three all the way! Yeah!

I'm sure if you concentrate reaaaaaally hard you can get all the body parts in the right places, lol!

Sorry to here about your mum. Hope she's well soon. I've known a few people who've ended up in hospital with low blood pressure - my Gran included. The fainting is scary stuff.

or even hear. My brain seems to have gone elsewhere this evening :).

Couldn't the twinkies-three be an extra book? *blinks innocently* I do like threesomes, even if they are so difficult to write.

Glad your Mum is doing better. I used to have low blood pressure and tended to faint on a regular basis. It was a long time ago but I think it made me feel tired as well as dizzy. Now I usually have high blood pressure, but I can still make it drop rapidly enough to get woozy by changing temperature. Saunas are not somehting I can enjoy. Apparently low blood pressure is a better thing to have than high blood pressure - hope that applies to your mum's case.

Definitely the twinkies! Don't get me wrong, I love the uber masculine characters too, but I have a special place in my heart for the twinks.

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