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I suck (and not in the happy, fun way)!!!
Okay, so I've been MIA for AGES now! I know, right?

Real Life has been horrifyingly bad, including me needing enough dental work that my car-fund is now depleted and I'm likely to be driving my 1995 Corolla for AT LEAST another 10 years (sadly, this is not a joke).

In the many months since I've posted here, the newly re-edited version of Life or Something Scary Like That and it's sequel Life Changes Everything have been released by Torquere Press in both electronic versions and print. I've finished the MS for Mandarin Orange: Sweet & Sour (also for TQ and the third in my colorbox 'Fruit Basket' series).

Mandarin Orange is due to be released on March 23rd, as far as I know. *grins*

I've also finished and submitted the third Farmingdale Gentleman's Club book (waiting to hear what TEB thinks of it) and another story, which I've submitted to a thired publisher. More on that when I hear something from them.

Mum's been in and out of hospital, but she's fine now... while my BFF's Mum has been in a rehab facility after a fairly severe car accident in which BFF's eldest son was driving.

Still working on more stories, of course, and... okay, this is going to sound messed up, but...

A year ago, I joined a gym. It's about two miles from my place. In the year since I joined, I've been there exactly ONCE. I keep MEANING to go... it just never seems to happen.

Meanwhile, my ass has been growing exponentially.

Not sure what that says about me, but there it is.

More later, peeps (aka~ sugar-coated marshy-chicks! :P).


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Glad you are still alive and kicking!!!

heh-heh. Me too! :P

*hugs and stuff*


I hope things improve for you. Dental work is always horrific, but probably worth it - there's nothing worse than miserable teeth.

A third Farmingdale? Yay! Took me a while to get to these, with my poor eyesight the cover of the first one looked sort of regency and I'm not that keen on historical at the moment; I have to be in the right mood and it's been a few years since I felt like historical. I've really enjoyed the first two in the series.

We've got a gym a mile and a half away that I never get to (at least I think we still have one...). The walk there and back should be a good warm up/ cool down routine. Great in theory.

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