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Twice in one week? WTF, right? :P
Just a heads-up, guys. Unconventional is now available from Torquere Press, HERE!

AND... I've got a very simple contest running over on The Torquere Social LJ which will be open until noon tomorrow (Aug. 12th), EST! Prize is a .pdf copy of any of my currently available TQ titles, including the new one!

There's also a prompt-call that's open for words until 6 p.m. today, EST and snippets and such, so stop by if you have time. *grins*

And that's it for the pimpage. I now return you to your regularly scheduled lives! *hee*


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I have this already on my ereader. It's calling to me :).

Honestly, congrats on the release. I can't wait to see Lucas and Trent work things out, but will also be sad this is the last one.

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